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Effective as of: 12/15/17
Fee Schedule
Share Value
Per Value of One Share$25.00
Share Account Fees
Excessive Withdrawals/Transfers (Regulation D)$2.00/ not to exceed (6) per month
Overdraft TransferNo charge/ (6) per month
Share Draft Value
Opening Minimum$50.00
Share Draft Account Fees
NSF Fee$32.00/ Item
Overdraft Courtesy Pay Fee$32.00/ Item
Stop Payment Fee$32.00/ Item
ChecksVaries by Style
Overdraft TransferNo charge/ (6) per month
Money Market Value
Opening Minimum$1000.00
Money Market Account Fees$5.00/ Withdrawal not to exceed (3) per month
Holiday Savings Account Fees
Premature Withdrawals$10.00/ Withdrawal through October 31st
EFT Fees
ACH Overdraft/ Courtesy Pay Fee$32.00/ Item
ATM/ Debit Card Overdraft/ Courtesy Pay$32.00/ Item
Debit Card Temporary Limit Increase$2.00/ Per Request
Debit Card Replacement Fee$10.00/ Card
Pin Change/ Reissue Fee$2.00/ Per Request
Debit Card Overnight (2 day) FeeSee Special Handling Form
Pin Overnight (2 day) FeeSee Special Handling Form
Loan Account Fees
Credit Card Late Payment Fee$29.00/ Per Occurrence
Credit Card Over Limit Fee$29.00/ Per Occurrence
Credit Card Return Payment Fee$29.00/ Item Returned
Reissue Credit Card Fee$10.00/Card
Late Payment Fee on All Other Loans5% of Payment Amount ($35.00 Maximum)
Other Service Fees -- Applicable to All Accounts
Account History Printout$2.00/ Printout
Account Reconciliation$20.00/ Hour ($20.00 Minimum)
Account Research$25.00/ Hour ($25.00 Minimum)
Account Statement Copy$1.00/ Per Page
Check Cashing (no fee with regular activity on account)$5.00 or 2% of Check (whichever is greater)
Copy of Checks$2.00/ Copy
Deposited Item Return Fee (3rd Party)$15.00/ Item
Deposited Item Return Fee (Member's own check at another FI)$25.00/ Item
Dormant Account Handling (some exceptions may apply)$15.00/ Quarterly after (12) months inactivity
Early Account Closure$15.00/ Within (90) days of opening
Escheatment FeeUp to $50.00 (Max)
Fax (Outgoing) $1.00/ Page (Local) -- $2.00/Page (Long Distance)
Gift Card$5.00/ Card
Money Order$1.00/ Money Order
Non-Automated Account Inquiry (no fee for ages 65 $1.00/ Request
ECM Payment Processing Fee (over-the-phone payment)$7.50/ Payment
Photocopy Fee$0.25/ Page
Overnight Courier Service$40.00/ Item
Returned Mail$5.00/ Item
Second/Third Chance Checking Service Fee$10.00
Temporary Check$0.50 per Check or (5) for $2.00
Third Party Credit Union Check (Cashier's Check)$2.00/ Check
Western Union (Person to Person)$25.00/ Transfer
Wire Transfer (Outgoing)$20.00/ Transfer (Domestic)
The fees appearing in this schedule are accurate and effective for accounts as of the stated Effective Date. If you have any questions or require current fee information on your accounts, please call Members Financial Federal Credit Union.
This is an overview of fees for the Credit Union, after accounts are opened a Truth-In-Savings account disclosure will be provided by the Credit Union.

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